Intellectual property

The importance of intellectual property in running a successful business constantly grows.

Correct and timely registration of IP rights has a direct influence on a company’s capitalisation and gives significant advantages in competitive struggles as well as allowing defence of the company from unfair competition on the part of the «free riders».

Westside offers services to protect its clients’ IP rights.

Services offered:

  • Trademark registration;
  • Patenting of inventions, utility models and commercial prototypes;
  • Development and public registration of contracts for the transfer and use of intellectual property asset rights (licensing agreements, agreements on the transfer and ownership of intellectual property rights);
  • Development and registration of franchising agreements;
  • Contracts on the transfer of know-how;
  • Conducting of patent searches and research;
  • Conducting and evaluation of searches for identical trademarks;
  • Legal protection of intellectual property including: trademark defence, patent disputes, and unfair competition;
  • Advice on the use of intellectual property rights with the aim of optimising tax liabilities;
  • Defence of author’s and associated rights.